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Have Sword, Will Travel – Garth Nix & Sean Williams



Odo and Eleanor did not set out to find their destiny. At best, they were hoping for eels.

Odo and Eleanor, best friends, plan on going eeling in the mostly dried up river near their village.

While going through the sludgy river bed, something rather unexpected happens.

Odo and Eleanor screamed as the sword erupted out of the water.

Turns out they found Biter – a talking sword – and it has plans for them.

After a quick knighting of Odo (which Eleanor is only a little miffed about), they set off.

What Eleanor liked the most was looking for adventure.

And soon adventure finds them – and very quickly they realize that wanting adventure and actually having one is two entirely different things.

I thought this was a fun adventure – it didn’t blow my mind but I was rather entertained throughout.

I really like books when boys and girls are friends but NOT in love – I honestly get so tired of everyone always falling in love all time, so this book was completely a breath of fresh air.

The two of them were a great team and had a playful, witty friendship-relationship.

The talking sword – ah – where do I begin? Talking inanimate objects are my spirit animal. 

Biter was hilariously pompous and a great addition to the team.

I thought the “Big Bads” of the book were sufficiently bad, though lacking a smidge of reasoning behind the evilness.

All in all – such a fun fantasy!

Audiobook Comments
Read by Marisa Calin and it was a delight to listen to – great tone and inflection throughout.

Interested in this one from Garth Nix & Sean Williams? Buy it here:  Amazon

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