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Christmas Train (board book) – David Miles



All aboard the Christmas train! Hold your ticket tight.
We’ll count our way from 1 to 20 all throughout the night.

Grab your hot chocolates – we are going for a wild ride!

This Christmas train is going all through the village, and we are along for the adventure – counting all the fun things around!

It starts with:

1 jolly Santa, cheery nose and cheeks.

And ends with:

20 ornaments filling up the tree.

With plenty of elves, cookies, tees and sugared plums along the way!

Check out the snowmen! The reindeer! The gingerbread!

All that and more on the Christmas Train!

Ahh – this was such a fun book.

I loved the cute illustrations, the snappy storyline and the fun objects to count (and yes, I DID count – and yes, all the things that were supposed to be there, were there – ha!).

Most of all – I LOVED the shape of this board book.

I’m a huge fan of train themed…well..anything. AND THEN I REALIZE that there’s a train shaped book.

The best part? As you unfold it – it forms a super-long train! Super cool, right?

Now, as a confession, I do not have children and I do not fully know their destructive powers…that being said, this book certainly looks study enough. The joints are double-layered and look like they could survive a small tornado (or a toddler tantrum).

The vibrant colors and simplistic (yet eye-catching) images really make the book POP – it was so much fun to turn the pages and see what awaits our little train.

Definitely a fun, Christmassy read!

With many thanks to Familius and the author for a free copy in exchange for an honest review.

Interested in this one from David Miles? Buy it here:  Amazon

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