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Aunt Severe and the Dragons – Nick Garlick


★★★ ½

Daniel just lost his parents (quite literally lost them – they’re explorers and haven’t found their way home yet).

And because society generally frowns on children living on their own, Daniel is shipped off to Aunt Severe’s place.

And at first, it is JUST AWFUL…until he finds four dragons living among her garden…but the Gotcha Grabber is watching and swoops down and grabs them.

With the dragon’s in a zoo, what is a young boy supposed to do??

This was a fun little book. Plenty of twists and turns. I liked the dragons and how Daniel takes it all in stride.

I did expect this book to be a bit more…I thought it would have more humor to it and the plot’s pacing did feel a bit odd at times.

The “Big Bads” felt almost laughable, but maybe not to a younger audience>

All in all, I enjoyed my time between these pages. 

It was a fun, unique read with a good message for the audience (be yourself and stand up for what’s right)…just was a bit of miss for me.

Read by Daniel Philpott – and the audio was really pleasant to listen to!

Interested in this one from Nick Garlick? Buy it here:  Amazon

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