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Meet the Planets – John McGranaghan



Welcome to the first ever, Favorite Planet Competition…

In this fun, short book, we see the planets as we’ve never seen them before.

These planets have been around for billions of years

…and yet they have never been in a competition to figure out which of them is best. 

We go through every planet and talk about their facts and the history behind them.

They’re solid. They’re rocky. They’re close to the sun. Here come the inner planets.

And, in case your wondering…no…Pluto isn’t in the competition (grumble grumble)…but he’s still there.

I’m your host Pluto

Overall this was a fun quick book.

The facts were interesting and enjoyable. 

The end of the book has a lot of activities adapted for larger groups – which could be fun in a classroom setting!

Though the illustrations were a smidge spooky but I liked the overall style of them.

Interested in this one from John McGranaghan? Buy it here:  Amazon

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