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Bad Day Ice Cream: 50 Recipes That Make Everything Better – Barbara Beery & Kathryn Thompson



Think of this book as a list of “whine pairings” – just the right spoonful of sugar to help the yucky medicine of your bad day go down and, hopefully, stay down.

Bad Day Ice Cream is truly the perfect book for any terrible occasion.

Because, face it, bad days happen. And they happen a lot.

And bad days require support. They require “treat”ment.

From Hair-tatrophes to Yappy Canine Neighbors to Book Series Withdrawal (my personal favorite), this book has got you covered.

Now, my review for this cookbook book will be a little limited – after all, my freezer can only hold so much.

Pg. 34-35 – Cupcake Batter Ice Cream (Book Series Withdrawal)

The Cupcake Batter Ice Cream was probably the most difficult one I tried – it required superfine sugar and an ice cream mixer and cupcakes, but it ended up working out really well.

One thing I loved about this book was the little blurb in front of each recipe. The sheer amount of thought and justification for each ice cream type and situation absolutely boggled my mind. Take the Book Series Withdrawal ice cream:

The last page has been read, the final book has been closed, and life will never be the same

Who hasn’t felt like that about a series? I’ve lived through a dozen of these world-ending moments in the past couple of years. Thankfully, now:

…if you’re sad when your bowl comes to an end, you can always dish up another tomorrow.

This one was definitely my favorite – though it’s hard to tell if it was the recipe or the story behind it. It was certainly yummy!

I also tried one of their super-quick-no-fuss recipes:

Pg. 52-53 – 1-2-3 Vanilla Ice Cream For Me (Overslept)

With such a short prep time, you’ll make up all the time you lost this morning and it will be like you never slept in at all!

This one certainly lived up for its name.

The night before, I whipped the cream in my KitchenAid mixer, folded in the sweetened and condensed milk plus vanilla and salt – badabing, badaboom – ice cream was ready the next morning.

I did add a few rainbow sprinkles to the top (why not??) and overall this recipe worked really well.

Also Note – I was a bit of a coward when it came to folding in the sweetened and condensed milk. I was worried about overmixing…and as a result, undermixed and some of the syrup-y milk settled to the bottom. Just something to be aware of.

The third one I tried was a summer classic – lmS’mores!


P.g,80-81 – S’mores Ice Cream Sandwiches

Before your fire goes out completely, why don’t you roast a marshmallow and turn your burnout into s’mores?

This one was my husband’s favorite so far – the competing textures of the graham cracker, marshmallows and chocolate really made it pop.

Overall – this is the perfect rainy-Saturday sorta book. Or disappointing Monday. Or wallowing Wednesday.

Servings per recipe may vary according to your actual serving size.

With a huge thanks to the authors and Familius for sending a free copy in exchange for an honest review.

Interested in this one from Barbara Beery and  Kathryn Thompson? Buy it here:  Amazon

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