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Uncredible Thoughts: Essays, Spiels, and Poppycock – John Edward Marszalkowski



You can search the internet…But I wouldn’t encourage it.

John Marszalkowski’s are quite...unusual…to say the least, and this one does not disappoint!

It’s a bit hard to know where to start.

Much like his first one, this book contains a series of loosely connected rants – covering everything and anything – from sex appeal to skunks to feminism to Christian guilt.

Love, fear and respect the skunk in its current form. It’s not the perfect animal, but nobody is perfect.

John designed each chapter to be wholly different from the others, thus you really could pick up this book, flip to a random chapter and read it with no problem.

I can’t be the only one who thought of this….However, I don’t want to be discouraged, and so I won’t Google it.

His sense of humor really matches mine – there were so many times I would laugh out loud (okay, more like a nose-snort but hey, it was genuine).

As before, I absolutely loved the chapter titles.

How could you read something like this:

Your Unhappiness Is Stupid; Time For A Nap

or this:

Everyone Is A Feminist Until Proven Jerks

and not expect a good time?

And, it was so fun to realize he and I have the same taste when it comes to screen-time.

When I watch those reality TV shows that showcase examples of extreme hoarding, it always makes me feel better about myself.

One of my favorite things is how he incorporates his family into the book. There’s just little tidbits here and there, but they are so gosh-darn relatable.

I highly recommend having your mother proofread your writing. Mothers have been practicing their whole lives at criticizing their children’s choices

All in all, if you are looking for a good time – pick this one up!

Oh, and also – one of my favorite moments was the very end.

First of all, he always makes the audience feel so gosh-dang good about it:

Let me be the first to congratulate you on reading this
WHOLE thing! Or at least skipping chapters you
didn’t like until you reached this one: THE FINAL

(I really wish more authors would do that).

AND he addressed so many commonly-asked questions and requests from his first book. I won’t leak them all here, but this one was my fave:

A request for a scratch-and-sniff book: I wish it could be. May I suggest turning to your favorite page of the book, and placing onto it a single drop of vanilla extract?

Ahhh…if only I wasn’t reading the digital copy.

With many, many thanks to the author for sending me an ARC in exchange for an honest review.

All quotes come from an uncorrected proof and are subject to change upon publication

Interested in this one from John Edward Marszalkowski? Buy it here:  Amazon


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