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Walk the Wild with Me – Rachel Atwood


★★★ ½

Nick blinked again, and all the dancers reverted to their fae forms. Another blink and they resumed their humanity.

Nick Withybeck spent his entire life in Locksley Abby, surrounded by monks and raised to (potentially) be a priest.

However, he’s always known, deep down, that he was something different. Something…other.

And after a hair-raising adventure…he finds out exactly how other he truly is.

…the key to opening the Faery Mound on the night of Midsummer when moons aligned…

With faery blood in his veins and a destiny on his shoulder, it’s up to Nick to set things right and fix the wrongs of fifty years past.

The bark shivered and rippled and the Green Man, bedecked in leaves and twigs, stepped forth.

Overall, this was a fun book but left me wanting more.

I loved the premise
 – Robin Hood re-imagined with the fair folk snapping at his heels…but it needed more oomph.

It felt like a lot of exposition and buildup...for not a lot of payoff.

We started to really get into the meat of the story around 3/4 through, but until then there was just too much detail and side story, and not enough action (which feels rather ironic for a…Robin Hood themed book).

I think if the author would’ve played up on the fairies a bit more (given them a little Holly Black twist) the story would’ve arced beautifully.

Interested in this one from Rachel Atwood? Buy it here:  Amazon


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