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Shh . . . Don’t Scare the Mushrooms – Erica Graham


★★★★ ½

Today was the day she was finally going on a mushroom hunt with her dad.

Parish quickly puts on her favorite sweater and gets ready to go grab some mushrooms.

Parish’s dad loved quietly walking through the woods while looking for mushrooms…

Her dad goes all the time (without her), so Parish is beyond excited when she gets to go.

But her dad…is slightly less excited.

“Why is dew so shiny? Why are sticker bushes so sharp? Why are clouds so many different shapes?”
…Parish’s dad whispered softly. “Shhh….you’ll scare the mushrooms.”

Parish’s dad likes the peacefulness of an early mushroom walk while Parish loves using it as an opportunity to ask more (and more and more) questions.


“Where do mushrooms go underground? Do they have tunnels? Do they dig tunnels with little mushroom shovels?”

With all those questions, will Parish and her dad be able to find the mushrooms, or will all the mushrooms be scared away?

Ahhh! This one is definitely my FAVORITE of Graham’s work so far. Mostly cause the mushroom doodles just KILLED me. I literally burst out laughing when I saw the one with the little hardhat.

As always, this series – the Talking Tales – written by Erica Graham, who has her Masters in speech pathology.

She designed this series to help therapists and caregivers introduce new sounds to their charges. The book contains a little introduction about the target sound “Sh” and how the book is designed to be used.

The author mentions how children can get frustrated if they are asked to repeat a sound over and over, but a book that uses that sound frequently provides an outlet to practice without feeling like a boring repetition.

Personally, I adored this story. I loved Parish’s increasingly wild and whimsical questions. I thought she was hilarious and had a fabulous curiosity.

Her dad’s reaction was really cute – you can absolutely tell that he loved his daughter but he just wanted one quiet morning in the woods (and what parent doesn’t want that??).

And the mushrooms! I know I already mentioned them once, but they were just so dang cute. Really brought the book to life!

with thanks to the author for a free copy in exchange for an honest review

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