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Becoming Karen Carter – R.E. Sargent



What rocked her to the core was that the person she had idolized was just as screwed up as she was.

Jessica Nichols – aspiring author – has done everything she can. She’s written books, edited and re-edited, and pounded the pavement.

She had no idea how she would catch someone’s attention if they wouldn’t read her work.

And yet, nothing – NOTHING – is working. She can feel herself spiraling ever further down.

What she didn’t know is how she would be able to cope with being nothing, now and forever.

A chance encounter with one of her idols – the famous Karen Carter – leads Jessica down a far darker path.

Their stories were similar. If Karen Carter could do it, so could she.

Ahhh! That one was so much fun to read!

We know most of the story from book one – Karen Carter, uber successful writer, finds herself enraged at mean one-star reviews…so she begins to make a…permanent…difference in the world of reviewers.

But at the end of book 1, Jessica Nichols enters into the story and Karen Carter meets an untimely end.

But how does that happen? What was Jessica thinking?

Glad you asked and you came to the right book.

This one focuses on Jessica’s descent and what led her to Karen’s doorstep – something that I’ve been curious about ever since book 1.

Jessica’s back story was interesting and intriguing. It really rounded out the series for me – filling in plot holes (or at least potential plot holes) with ease.

The writing definitely feels a lot stronger in this one – which overall cinched this series for me.

The characters in this one felt more defined and Jessica, in particular, was the star of this book. I loved getting her perspective and seeing her actions that shaped the first book.

Overall, this was a fun, unique series….and rumor has it…I’m going to be a part of book 3…

Interested in this one from R.E. Sargent? Buy it here:  Amazon

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