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The Munchy Munchy Cookbook for Kids – Pierre Lamielle


Ahhh! This was so stinking cute – I still cannot get over how much I LOVE this cookbook.

This book is designed to get kids into the kitchen and to foster their creativity.

It starts with a (surprisingly helpful) overview of the responsibilities and dangers associated with cooking. Not only does it tell them what to look out for but also it goes into what you should do if you do get into trouble.

It then goes into a kid-friendly explanation of flavors and the quirky characters of this book.

I actually found myself learning a LOT from this – and I absolutely adored the sweet little side characters as well.

This book has all the staples of a classic cookbook – breakfast, lunch, dinner and sweets – but what differs is the recipes.

Each and every item of this cookbook is designed with kids in mind.

Everything from eggs to schnitzel provides simple but effective instructions for children to follow. The book encourages them to try out the difficult recipes – and to think creatively in the kitchen.

As a confession, I do not have kids (yet) but I did absolutely love this book and I think it would be a great fit for the young chef in your life.

The full-color images were exciting, the storyline of the characters was surprisingly gripping and the recipes were fantastic.

So far I’ve tried out about a quarter of the recipes. The breakfast cookies and the breakfast nachos were a HUGE hit. What could go wrong with a grilled cheese or BLT? The butter chicken – fantastic!

Squamish, my dog, was there every step of the way. And by that, I mean he hovered up any and all scraps with laser-precision. It was truly amazing to see him at work. (Oh, and his favorite recipe – the scrambled eggs! (though, I did take away most of the butter for his portion. He’s such a little guy!)

All in all, I really, truly think this would be a great gift for any child who shows the any interest in baking.

With thanks to Pierre Lamielle and Familius for sending me a free copy in exchange for an honest review

Interested in this one from Pierre Lamielle? Buy it here:  Amazon

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