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Problem Child – Victoria Allen Stone



“I’ll call a spade a spade and a bitch a bitch. You are a goddamn devil child and you always were.”

Jane Doe is...different.

Has been ever since she was a child and she’s learned to accept her differences – even use them to her advantages.

She’s already ruined the life of the man who drove her best friend to suicide, completely dominated the corporate world and snagged herself a sweet boyfriend who wants to move in together.

Everything is looking up…and Jane’s bored. Very bored.

And when Jane’s bored, bad things happen.

Every once in a while, like right here in this moment, I want to be what other people are and I hate who I am.

And just when she feels the most trapped, Jane learns that Kayla – her niece – has gone missing.

Vanished without a trace.

Nobody, except for Jane, realizes that Kayla is unique. She’s different, different in the very same ways Jane is..

Is it possible? A little Baby Jane out in the world?

Jane is on a mission and there is no one alive who would dare stand in her way.

Jane! Jane! Jane! Jane!

As before, I absolutely adored the character of Jane, and not just for her love for the literary world:

“Nope,” I repeat.
“But I didn’t ask anything.”
“Well, I’m reading.”

But also in the way her emotions are slowly developing – it makes me sooo happy to see her give in to her emotions.

Luke is a sweet guy with a bit of a blind spot, which is how he ended up with me.

That being said, this one was a smidge less of a thriller than I expected – it was more of a road trip with your friendly neighborhood sociopath (note: still entertaining, just not what I expected!).

I did really love watching Jane and Kayla interact – every time they both were on the page, my anxiety and excitement skyrocketed.

I wish the ending was longer cause there was so much crazy-goodness and I was SUPER hooked.

The one thing that threw me out of the book was the sex. I get adding in sex to enhance the book or bring about another dimension, but at this point it just felt clunky and distracting (it actually is the major thing that knocked down my rating – awkward & painful to read).

Overall, I did enjoy this book (gratuitous sex aside) and it was a fun buddy-read! And after that ending – I really, really, really hope for a third. (like reallllllly)

Thank you so much to Amazon Publishing and the author for sending me a free copy in exchange for an honest review! I am ecstatic!

Interested in this one from Victoria Helen Stone? Buy it here:  Amazon

Ps. This was another fabulous buddy-read with Tucker the Reader – thanks for suggesting it!

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