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Naming the Hangman – Eric Plume



The phone always rings at the wrong time.

Seattle PI Amber Eckart has finally had a bit of luck when it comes to her business….but that’s quickly running out.

She needs more clients to maintain her agency, but needs more people to handle those clients…but to get those people she needs money, hence more clients.

It’s a vicious circle.

But then, a case to beat all cases all but lands on Amber’s lap.

“my client is pretty shook up. You’ll need to be gentle with her.”
“I’ll keep my claws sheathed and my horns tucked away,” I said.

An extremely suspicious death is ruled as a suicide while the widow says it is murder.

Amber takes on this lucrative case in the hopes to save her business, but she quickly learns, there’s much, much more to meet the eye.

“Whoever said ‘the truth will set you free’ clearly never went hunting for it.”

Oh. My. Gosh. It was BETTER than the first – in other words – I absolutely loved this book.

The characters were so well-developed and unique that they completely sold me on the book.

Amber Eckart is such a bada** – but not an over-the-top bad** – she has just the right level of charm, spunk and spitfire.

“Who the fuck is this?”
“One guess,” I said.
“Oh shit, not you.”
I grinned.

absolutely loved her attitude and it really made the story pop.

I also was really impressed by how well developed the story was. There were so many intricacies involved in this book – it was absolutely enthralling!

“Find out where this started and who did it,” I said to Izzy. “Every viral story has a Patient Zero.”

In addition, kudos to the author for including a gay couple whose identity isn’t “being gay.” (It’s a personal pet peeve when LGBTQ+ characters are thrown into the story to add diversity but the author isn’t fully committed to bringing them to life (aka just wanted inclusivity points)).

That was definitely not the case. I love that how the author treated this story pretty much like any other, but just so happens that the wife becomes a widow. The relationship is a part of the story but it isn’t the ONLY story in the book.

Overall, this book was fresh, funny and exciting. In other words, I don’t know enough good words to adequately sum this book it – it was amazing! Check it out!!

Interested in this one from Eric Plume? Buy it here:  Amazon

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