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Marvin’s Monster Diary: ADHD Attacks! (But I Rock It, Big Time) – Raul Melmed, and Annette Sexton


I should have expected something to go wrong – something always goes wrong for me.

Marvin the Monster is a great lkid…but he has troubles focusing in his school, with his friends….really doing anything.

I was always so busy DOING something that I forgot everything else.

One day, Marvin gets to go to a music contest and play his instrument for Stevie Strummer – Marvin’s musical idol.

Only…when he gets to the contest…he is absolutely horrified.

…I had to monster up and tell the greatest musician on Planet Monsterearth that I showed up to a musical competition with no musical instrument. Worst. Moment. Of. My. Life.

Luckily, Stevie Strummer has an extra moment to take Marvin under his wing.

Stevie Strummer taught me his monstercam eye trick.

Marvin learns to use his “monstercam” to zoom in on the important things and the ST4 (Stop – take time to think) method to help him stay on track!

Overall, this was a pretty good book.

This book was written by Dr Melmed – a developmental pediatrician – who specializes in childhood difficulties (such as attention span issues or Autism).

I liked the concept of it – finding a new way to help children focus and be mindful of their reactions.

The book is designed (with fabulous illustrations) to be read with a parent or guardian and reflect on mindfulness.

He includes text at the back of the book for parents who are working with their children.

I think the concept of the book is fabulous, and the excecution of it is pretty well-done.

However, as an adult reading this, it seems a bit heavy on the Monsterfied words (aka everything seems to have a monster-related pun) and a bit heavy-handed on the lessons.

I don’t think it would be as-noticed by the children but I do think it could’ve used a bit more finessing so it seemed a bit less like a lesson and more like a story.

All in all, this one seemed like a very useful sort of book and could bring about great discussions with a child!

Interested in this one? Buy it here:  Amazon

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