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The After House – Michael Phillip Cash


★★★★ ½

It was late, the sun just about to dip into the horizon, but this was too great a prize to ignore.

Decades ago, a brave whaler met a mysterious end and ever since Eli has “lived” in an old cottage by the sea.

The previous tenant was a painter, depicting thrilling stories and scenes from Eli’s memories.

But the new tenets? They are something else entirely.

Now not only did he have one female, but she brought another. Beastly child.

Remy and her daughter, Olivia. (shudders)

They are determined to find a new start and Eli is determined to help them….find a new start somewhere far, far away from his once-peaceful cottage life.

“You know, you are not making good choices.”
“Good choices?”
“You’re asking for a time-out,” Olivia said as she climbed back into her frilly bed.

And yet, despite himself, Eli is beginning to recall…things…things that he’d rather leave forgotten.

This is definitely one of my favorites from Cash!

I absolutely adored the dynamic between Eli and Olivia (and Remy). There’s just something about a grumpy old man and a sassy little girl that really makes me love a story.

I thought the Remy-ex-husband thing was a little over-the-top but it ended up being balanced by the end of the book.

I really loved watching Eli come to himself and realize what he was missing – it was so sweet and heartwarming.

One thing that really disappointed me was the page length. I really fell for this story…and when it ended, I was so sad!

It was so good and I really wanted more of a plot and scenes with Eli just so I could spend more time within these pages.

Ahh well. That’s a good problem to have.

With thanks to the author for a free copy in exchange for an honest review

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