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White Lily – Catarina Guimaraes


“Something happened to you, didn’t it?”

Eighteen years ago, Rebecca died (again) and was reincarnated into a rather unfortunate state of affairs.

With parents who hate her, siblings who terrorize her and a love that spans decades, Rebecca wants out.


There’s also something within her that also wants to be let loose.

So let’s get this demon 101 going.”

There’s a demon within her – one that Rebecca must spend every waking moment repressing.

Because, if she were to let loose…then there would be no telling what would happen next.

I lose my hold on the inner demon, my pupil expands to the point of covering my entire eye.

A quick thank you to the teen author and her family who sent this book my way.

As with anything Greek-mythology themed, I was intrigued with the story from the start.

Despite nearly two decades since the first novella and this one, it feels as though hardly any time has passed. Old grudges rear up and friends are still near and dear.

I really enjoyed checking in with all the characters from the first round and the plot was just twisty enough so I never knew what was happening.

However, I feel like the first book felt stronger than this one.

There is a lot (and I mean a lot) happening in the second book, and I really, truly wish more time was devoted to developing the plot and the events.

I really liked the idea of Rebecca holding the demon back, but the rules regarding the possession (or is it just dark powers) seemed a bit loosey-goosey. I would have traded firmer world-building for the use-the-powers-when-convenient thing that was happening.

As before, with the main couple, I had a difficult time getting into the love:

I wish Apollo comes to his senses.

I could definitely tell that the author has spent a lot of time with these characters and adores them together, but we aren’t really shown much of that. Without seeing the development, I found it a bit difficult to get attached to them as a couple.

That being said, one of my favorite moments is (and always will be) when the Gods act hilariously normal.

“Well, if we are all here then I think we should watch a movie,” Zeus said…

Overall, I think this was a pretty interesting second book. I am curious to see how the series develops and where the author’s career goes!

I received a free copy in exchange for an honest review

Interested in this one from Catarina Guimaraes? Buy it here:  Amazon

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