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Five Sisters by Stephanie Campisi & Mădălina Andronic (illustrator)



The woods had grown up around them thoughtful and wise, but the family they desperately wanted had not.

A husband and wife couple spent their entire lives caring for their forest.

They desperately wished for a child but nothing they did make a difference.

One night, the husband – desperate – made a plea to the forest.

And he was granted a magic branch, from which he carved five beautiful, loving wooden girls.

Each one had her own personality and quirks, giving him and his wife a new life.

Overall, I thought this one was extremely cute. I loved the way the Russian nesting dolls were incorporated into this story.

And the husband and wife couple were so incredibly cute – the author conveyed so much emotion in so few words.

And the illustrations! I absolutely loved the illustrations. The coloring was gorgeous and the detail was fantastic. Truly a wonderful story!

With many thanks to Familius and June Smalls for sending me an ARC in exchange for an honest review

Interested in this one from Stephanie Campisi Mădălina Andronic? Buy it here:  Amazon

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