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The Big Finish – Brooke Fossey



“I’m offering my help because sometimes we need mending and sometimes we need somebody else to help us thread the needle.”

Duffy Sinclaire, a gruff old man, living in Centennial assisted living facility with his roommate, Carl, is about to get a surprise of a lifetime.

Duffy is settled into his life, jokingly flirting with the nurses, complaining to the cook, and seriously flirting with fellow resident Alice.

Carl and I were the benevolent rulers of Centennial, crowned because we were able-bodied for the most part and intellectually sound…

But then…Carl’s granddaughter – the one that Duffy had NO idea existed – comes barreling through the window with the past charging right behind her.

She’s wild, untamed and just the kind of bad news that Duffy does NOT need at this stage of his life.

And despite everything, Duffy begrudgingly finds a soft spot in his heart for her.

“I don’t think you are bad for being like you are. I was like you are. I still am.”

But as danger looms, it’s going to take a lot more than just him and Carl to save the day.

“I’m sorry if I should’ve kept it to myself” – Alice looked between Carl and me – “but I thought there’s no reason to go into battle alone.”

Ahhh! This book ended up being so good – 5 stars all the way, though the ending bumped down a little bit for me.

I really loved how gruff Duffy was – his grumpy style of love really made the book memorable. And Alice’s sweet nature, Carl’s bumbling and Valencia’s sassy streak definitely enhanced the book.

This book doesn’t shy away from difficult topics.

Duffy, an ex-alcoholic, recognizes part of himself in Carl’s granddaughter and his desire to help really humanizes this gruff character.

The book takes place over only a couple of days, but it was really well done. So much action packed into an old age home!

The author transported the audience wonderfully into the life and times of Centennial.

Pacing at my age qualifies as self-harm….

but all without getting depressing. It was so well done!

I also adored the love – it made me absolutely giddy.

“I’m never going to give up,” I said.
“Of course not,” she said. “And I wouldn’t want you to.”

The (view spoiler)

Overall, this book lives up to its wacky, zany cover. I truly adored spending time within these pages!

With thanks to Berkley Publishing and the author for a free ARC in exchange for an honest review. All quotes come from an uncorrected proof and are subject to change upon publication.

Interested in this one from Brooke Fossey? Buy it here:  Amazon


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