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The Healthy Breakfast Cookbook: Easy, Balanced Recipes for Busy Mornings – Shayna Telesmanic



Sometimes breakfast seems more like a luxury rather than the day’s most important meal.

Shayna Telesmanic adores breakfast – whether it be a sweet treat like pancakes or waffles or the protein-packed goodness of breakfast enchiladas.

However, deciding what to make – especially on a time-budget – often becomes the undoing factor of the best meal of the day.

My love for breakfast has inspired me to write an entire book filled with breakfast recipes.

Luckily for us, Telesmanic has hand-selected seventy-five recipes – from the classic egg to curried lentil breakfast bowl to bacon, apple and brie sandwiches.

There’s something for everyone!

So, rise and shine – it’s time to get cooking!

This book ended up being an absolute win for me!

As a huge fan of breakfast (and often not finding nearly enough time to fulfill my culinary dreams!), I was so excited to pick this book up.

I loved the way the recipes were laid out – there was so much variety in the types of food covered – I feel like Jasmine when Aladdin serenades the ‘whole new world’ song!

About half of the meals were items I was familiar with (like avocado toast, breakfast cookies and blueberry muffins) while the other half were completely new (like Tofu “egg” salad sandwich, lox wrap, and quinoa porridge).

Most of the meals looked pretty easy to make – though those with the unfamiliar ingredients did seem a smidge intimidating! (But that’s half the fun of trying a new cookbook!).

I do wish there were more pictures of the foods – especially the ones which seemed a bit out of the ordinary for breakfast (polenta squares, sous vide egg bites or chilaquile egg scramble). The instructions did seem clear – but I’m a visual learner.

All in all, this one looks like a lot of fun! I’m looking forward to trying out all the recipes.

With thanks to the author and publisher for providing a free copy in exchange for an honest review.

Interested in this one from Shayna Telesmanic? Buy it here:  Amazon

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