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The Universe-ity: A Spiritual Education using the Law of Attraction – Michael Samuels


★★★★ ½

Overall, I really liked this self-help book (which surprised me – I’m not normally the self-help sorta gal)!

It was divided into several sections – all themed along the a typical school. Each chapter took us through one of the major keys to Michael’s spiritual education system.

Freshman Year: Defining U

It takes courage to take risks to become successful

Everyone has to start somewhere, and Samuels makes his audience being their time at the Universe-ity by focusing on you.

What do you want from this world? You can’t expect progress without a goal to work towards.

Sophomore Year: An A+ in Success

You don’t have to be the next Cher…but you can sure start living the life you were meant to live

It’s one thing to define your wants, but it’s another to live your life in a way those wants can be realized.

Junior Year: Karma Kourse

The laws of karma are insanely strict…

Put good in, get good out! Enough said! (Well, not enough said – check out the book for the full story.

Senior Year: Subconscious Computer Programming

Programming your subconscious mind is demanding the best from it,

This little lesson is probably the most valuable of them all (though…you’ll have to read the book to find out!)

This one was definitely my favorite of Michael’s self-help series.

I like the way the lessons were broken down into easily digestible chunks and the school theme made the lessons fun (though, that could just be because I’m still at uni and I enjoy the tie-in).

Michael has several activities scattered throughout book for the reader – designed to help enhance their understanding of his concepts. There were also little summaries with the key points at the end of every chapter.

I definitely liked the tone of this book.

Michael never ventured into the pseudo or fru fru aspects of self-help. His advice was always extremely practical and made sense – but was not necessarily something I had thought of before.

All in all – this book was a huge success for me – there were so many things I learned that I cannot wait to apply to my own life!

With thanks to the author for a free copy in exchange for an honest review

Interested in this one from Michael Samuels? Buy it here:  Amazon

One thought on “The Universe-ity: A Spiritual Education using the Law of Attraction – Michael Samuels

  1. If a self-help book should be anything, it’s practical. So this sounds pretty nice. Advice should be swift and to the point, like “Don’t eat yellow snow.” I mean, it’s a no-brainer! However, when a young woman handed me a yellow snow cone, she had the nerve to get mad when I threw it away. She obviously never heard of the rule. Haha. Win for me. Great post!


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