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How They Croaked – Georgia Bragg



Remember when you watched Bambi for the first time and you got to the part where Bambi’s mother died…And in that second you realized that if Bambi’s mom can die, so can everybody else.

People have lived and they have died.

And before the modern era, they died a lot easier.

Seriously, there were A LOT of deaths thanks to disease, idiocy and lack of general hygiene.

Looking back from where we sit now, people a long time ago sure did some dumb stuff – and it’s definitely the kind of stuff worth writing about.

There’s also been a lot of famous people in this world but for some reason, the end of their lives remain a mystery.

You probably don’t know how George Washington, Cleopatra or Beethoven ate it because every other book you’ve read skipped over that part.

If you are curious about the very famous and the very dead –this book is for you! 

Overall, this was a surprisingly enjoyable book!

The authors were really right – you hear all about these famous folks over your lifetime but you don’t really know how they ended.

I was surprised by how interesting death was – especially back in the day where it seems like a stray needle could induce sepsis (I swear, I am 5x more grateful for modern medicine than ever before).

So, if you are curious about the lives and deaths (mostly deaths) of the very famous – look no further! From King Tut to Pocahontas to Mozart to Antoinette, this book has it all!

Audiobook Comments
LJ Ganser narrated this book and it was a pretty fun listen.

Interested in this one from Georgia Bragg? Buy it here:  Amazon


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