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The Sound of Stars – Alechia Dow


★★★ ½

“If we get separated and you have to choose between life and joining us, choose life, okay? Live. Live for us. Breathe for us. Survive for us.”

Janelle aka Ellie is one of the few survivors who made it through the first few waves of the Ilori alien invasion.

The new world is…depressingly different. The Ilori are keeping the few remaining humans alive and imprisoned in their apartment complex.

And while she’s grateful to be alive – and have her mother and father with her – she knows that there is something sinister lurking just below the surface.

Ellie knows all the rules – no free thinking, no talking after hours, no moving from her bed past curfew…and yet, so draws the line at books.

And I’ll do it, every time, if it means a story can change someone’s outlook….

She runs an illegal library to help her and her fellow prison-mates get by.

But that all changes when one of *them* discovers her secret.

M0Rr1S – aka Morris – is a labmade Ilori, which means he’s an Ilori but innately inferior because he contains human aspects, which leaves him prone to emotions.

M0Rr1S hadn’t realized until then just how expendable his race was to the true Ilori.

But Morris has a secret – he loves music. And he is lonely.

When he discovers Ellie’s secret library, he finds it within himself to resist the rules of true Ilori and keep her safe.

However, a secret this big is bound to be let loose – but neither of them could even begin to comprehend the consequences.

“May I?” he asks, holding an arm out for me to take.
“May you what?”
“Carry you across the world while I can?”

This one ended up being surprisingly fun!

Every so often I really want a throwback to the young adult books that I read back in the day – and this one was perfect. I was so happy to have been sent this one.

So, keep in mind you might need to be in the mood for an over-the-top YA to get the full effect.

Yes the romance bordered on quicker-than-instant, the plot had a few glaring holes and I really questioned how the “bad guys” ever stayed in control – and yet I was having so much fun that I barely cared.

I loved the idea of Ellie’s secret library and Morris’s desire to collect music. It was such a sweet connection between the two.

I do wish they were given a few more weeks to develop their relationship rather the insta-connection, but the two of them ultimately clicked really well.

I also really liked the concept of the Ilori aliens – the labmade vs the true provided an interesting dynamic to the book. The way the invasion was implemented and the increasingly suspicious behavior by Morris really held my attention.

I was really curious how it would all come together in the end – and was pleasantly surprised in the end!

Overall, I had a lot of fun between these pages!!

A huge thank you to the author and Inkyard Press for sending me a free copy in exchange for an honest review. All quotes come from an uncorrected proof and are subject to change upon publication.

Interested in this one from Alechia Dow? Buy it here:  Amazon

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