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Harry Potter: Newspapers, Proclamations, and Propaganda – Insight Editions


★★★ ½

This was an extremely brief look into the Harry Potter world and all of the interesting papers surrounding it.

Honestly, I really did not know what to expect going in but this was an adorable little book.

There were letters from Dolores Umbridge to Professor McGonagall about Harry’s increasingly “rebellious” behavior, there were plenty of adds for various fun and whimsical wizarding products and even a peek at the Marauder’s Map.

I liked reading all of the little snippets but I do wish there was was more text to provide context and background for each of them.

All in all – I enjoyed reading this book…and it fits perfect on my mini book shelf…so it all works out in the end!


Interested in this one from Insight Editions? Buy it here:  Amazon

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