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Where the Light Enters – Sara Donati



The dead were not silent, if you knew how to listen.

Dr Anna Savard and Dr Sophie Savard are best friends and each other’s closest cousins.

Sophie just came back from a harrowing journey – one that forever changed her.

…the trip to Europe as a bride was hazy in her memory, but she would never forget the voyage home as a widow.

And now that she’s back, she’s finding her old life just doesn’t fit anymore.

The simple truth was: the more she learned, the less she knew; she ran and ran but never quite caught up.

Meanwhile, Anna’s husband (Jack) is dealing with a baffling case – women are disappearing and when they are found, they are cut apart in horrifying ways and past pregnancies seems to be a common factor.

There’s a killer on the loose and Sophie and Anna just might be the key to it all.

“I’ll put my money on you,” said Aunt Quinlan. “Without hesitation. You will deal with them all and set things right. I don’t doubt it for a moment.”

This one ended up being really good!

Even though it is a second book in The Waverly Place Series but it can definitely be read as a standalone.

I was pleasantly surprised by how quickly I was swept into this story – Sophie, Anna and all the other characters felt so real and authentic.

The setting was wonderfully done.

It’s an alternate take on the nineteenth century – where women and people of color are able to become doctors but still face a wild amount of discrimination.

Despite it being very different from how real life was, I was completely immersed in it and fell absolutely in love.

Now, this book has a lot of pages – and part of what took me so dang long to finish it was the sheer amount of paper.

And yet – I really can’t think of anything to cut out. I pretty much enjoyed all of this book – and while it did take a while to reach the ending, there was nothing that felt slow or like it was dragging.

It kept a snappy pace throughout and really kept the reader in line.

Overall – I quite enjoyed this book! It was definitely a unique read and I’m excited to see what this author writes next.

With thanks to the Elisha from Berkley Publishing and Sara Donati for a free copy in exchange for an honest review. All quotes come from an uncorrected proof and are subject to change upon publication.

Interested in this one from Sara Donati? Buy it here:  Amazon

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