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Before the Legend – J.U. Scribe


“You cannot take them!” Troy said as his small limbs flailed out…

Young prince Troy has a nightmare one night – one of which he can never forget.

Everything was changing. He sensed it.

His nightmare features his parents – and their potential loss profoundly scares him.

He wants comfort but cannot find it, he wants love but is denied.

Troy wanted nothing more than to disappear.

And when his island home becomes rocked by a terrifying event – Troy realizes that he will truly lose something forever.

This was an entertaining, short book!

The action was fast-paced, the characters were intriguing and the ending did take me by surprise – all of which really rounded out the book.

However, this one was so short that I couldn’t really get a grasp on it.

The concepts were all there, but I feel like they needed more development to truly bring this book up and really make it pop. Maybe if it had more pages, that would have happened a bit more…?

A lot happened really quickly, and I feel that it needed some smoothing out for me to truly get into this book.

Overall, it’s a pretty good start and I think many middle-graders would enjoy it!

 Thank you to the author for sending me a free copy in exchange for an honest review

Interested in this one from J.U. Scribe? Buy it here:  Amazon

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