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Indestructibles: ¡Hola, granja! / Hello, Farm! -Maddie Frost (Illustrations), Amy Pixton



El gallo saluda al día.
The rooster greets the day.

This short and sweet bilingual book introduces little ones to all sorts of animals that appear on the farms.

From roosters to horses to pigs to sheep – this book has it all!

Hola, vacas.
Hello, cows.

Adorable illustrations adorn every page with bright, bold shapes and colors.

The animals are so cute – particularly the cows! And every phrase is both in Spanish and in English.

I am absolutely LOVING this little series – they are so short and sweet that they are an absolute delight to read.

Ps. this book is toddler-proof and machine washable. Crazy!

A HUGE thank you to the author and publisher for a free copy in exchange for an honest review

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