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Navigating Indieworld -Julie A. Gerber &Carole P. Roman


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★★★★ ½

To Do List
1 – Write your book.

So. You want to be an indie writer, but don’t know where to start?

Then allow me to direct you to this book.

Carole P Roman and Julie A Gerber are both fabulous published authors who have navigated the indie world for years.

They have figured out the ins and outs of independent publishing and are now sharing the lesser-known secrets with everyone.

From writing to publishing to marketing – these authors have got you covered.

If you are curious whether you should pick up a few beta readers or an editor, Julie and Carole have the answers for you (yes, and VERY yes)

Think of the book description as your first ad.

If you are unsure on where to go for cover art and promotions? They know people in the business!

Your book is not dressed. You have no cover. It’s like you sent your book out in public naked.

In short, nearly all of your indie questions can be answered in this handy guide.

As a longtime reader of indie books, it was SO much fun to get a behind-the-scenes peek at what its like to be write in the indie world.

And while I’m not a writer, there was SO much advice in here that I agreed with.

Probably the strongest one that resonated with me is Carole and Julie’s insistence at hiring an editor.

Maybe you don’t think you need one but trust me, you do.

Because there have been SO many brilliant books that came my way that were riddled with plot holes, grammar errors and character inconsistencies.

Skipping an editor is what turns a potentially amazing book into a mediocre one.

If you are editing your book, fair warning. Any mistakes are going to be blasted in your reviews, and readers won’t be gentle about it.

It was also fun to read their advice on contacting book bloggers and their advice for interacting with them – which is something I stand behind 110%!

All in all, if you are an aspiring author or just merely curious, I really recommend checking out this handy book!

Grab that bull by the horns and tackle writing, publishing, and marketing your book. The time is now.

With thanks to the author for a free copy in exchange for an honest review

Interested in this one from Julie A. Gerber, & Carole P Roman? Buy it here:  Amazon

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