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She Leads: The Elephant Matriarch -June Smalls



She is the Queen. The Matriarch. She leads her daughters and their daughters.

Set deep in the wilds of Africa, we follow the a small family of elephants as they travel throughout their territory.

As they wander, we learn how elephants survive and thrive as a family – with the mother matriarch leading her sisters, daughters and granddaughters.

There is almost a duo storyline – one that is simple and tells a short story about the elephants and what they are doing.

The second provides interesting facts about the different activities – like how they find watering holes during dry seasons or how baby elephants play.

Overall, I quite liked this book. It was short, sweet and absolutely adorable.

I particularly liked the illustrations. With picture books, absolutely everything hangs on the illustrations.

And allow me to assure you – they do not disappoint! I am so impressed by the level of detail included and the expressions on the animal’s faces.

Truly a delight!

With many thanks to Familius and June Smalls for sending me an ARC in exchange for an honest review

Interested in this one from June Smalls? Buy it here:  Amazon

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