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ABC Dance! – Sabrina Moyle, Eunice Moyle (Illustrations)



The Foxes Fandango – just look at them dance!

This spirited and lively ABC book is sure to get your toes tapping!

Each letter is represented by a different animal dancing and strutting their stuff as the audience transverses through the alphabet.

Quails quickly quickstep – they’re queens of the dance.

The illustrations are bold, beautiful and vibrant. The bright colors really made them pop.

The images conveyed so much excitement and happiness – they were honestly so fun to look at.

Water buffalo waltz – watch them winsomely whirl.

I adored the dolphins dabbing, the hustling hedgehogs and the rocking rhinos.

All in all, this ABC book was really cute and really recommended!

With thanks to Eunice Moyle, Sabrina Moyle and Workman Publishing Company for sending me a free copy in exchange for an honest review

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