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The Mother Code – Carole Stivers


★★★★ ½

“If all of this is true, then you are asking me to solve a monumental problem…”

A man made pandemic is released in 2049 and the world is absolutely reeling.

The world’s best scientists are scrambling for a cure.

They’re not giving up…but they’re also coming to the stunning realization.

…we don’t have time to save the world.

And so they turn to Plan B – the children.

A genetically engineered generation of humans is created in the labs and each one is paired with a “Mother” – a robot designed to incubate and nurture.

But what no one counted on…is when the Mothers develop their own spark of life.

“The end?”
“The end of everything.”

This one ended up being quite good!

There are two storylines – one during the apocalypse and one set several years after (when the Mothers are the ones in charge).

As always, I feel like it is difficult to balance the two storylines and I was so invested in the Mother’s storyline that I was disappointed whenever we flipped away.

That being said, the both of them were really well written…just one was more appealing to me.

I did love all the science in this one.

As a biophysics graduate student, I’m always SUPER picky about the science in books but I tip my hat at Stivers – a biochemist – she did a fab job crafting the plot and weaving in all the science fiction.

The setting really drew me into the story – I felt like I was in the desert with the children. So well done!

All in all, this was a great book! I cannot wait to see what she writes next!!

A huge thank you to Berkley Publishing and Carole Stivers for sending me a free copy in exchange for an honest review.

Interested in this one from Carole Stivers? Buy it here:  Amazon

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