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Green Witchcraft – Paige Vanderbeck



One of the first things I learned about real witchcraft was that it was a path for those who wanted to live in harmony with the earth…

Green witchcraft definitely doesn’t live up to the broomsticks and cauldrons stereotypes.

In fact, it’s surprisingly wholesome and well-meaning.

Thinking that you know everything is probably one of the worst curses you can cast on yourself. 

This little handbook is designed to introduce the curious and the questioning to the lifestyle of several different green witches.

It goes through what a green witch is, followed how to connect to the natural world.

From there it goes into various spells and whatnot that green witches use – with emphasis on flowers, plants, herbs, wood and stone and crystal.

Most of the magic described in this book is rather sweet and wholesome.

The kitchen witch might choose to grow fruits, vegetables, and culinary herbs to infuse all the meals they make with magical intent.

I rather liked learning about creating a green space and how it is correlated with feeling better and more at-ease.

It was also fun to know a bit about the past of green witchcraft.

Acorns are carried as talismans for protection and fertility and to encourage the growth and prosperity,

There was a bit at the beginning of the crystal/stone section which gave me pause.

The author warns that some crystals/stones are toxic and can cause harm – and to always do your research before using them (citing a few of them in the intro paragraph).

I think she should have been more explicit – if something is toxic or harmful, it should be mentioned right next to the description.

If you are going to a book to learn how to use the crystals, then I feel that that book should be warning what is/isn’t safe to do with them (rather than telling you to look it up yourself).

Overall, this was a rather fun little book. It has lovely illustrations scattered throughout – though I would have loved to see more of the images when she was describing the various plants – but all in all this was a fun perspective that I was able to learn about!

While I didn’t agree with everything in the book, it still provided a rather interesting viewpoint on something that is often quite controversial.

There were some aspects I will be taking to my home – like growing herbs in the sun room and using greenery around the house to make things a bit more nature-esque.

A huge thank you to the author and Rockridge Press for sending me a free copy in exchange for an honest review

Interested in this one from Paige Vanderbeck? Buy it here:  Amazon

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