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Easy Dog Food Recipes – Scott Shanahan


New week, new video! So excited to release my very first dog food cookbook review.

Special shout out to Squamish and Agatha for being the taste testers.

Here’s the written review:


Welcome to a whole new world of pet care…

Ohhh yeah, this is the kind of self-care that I NEED in my life.

Honestly, I have waited twenty-six years to own my very own dog and there are few things in life that make me feel better than giving this little shelter dog the best life possible.

From the very first moment he laid his head on my lap at the shelter, I was under his little thumb (well, paw).

So, when I saw that Rockridge was publishing a dog food cookbook, I knew that I HAD to jump in on this.

The 60 recipes in this book call for natural, whole foods whenever available, so what’s safe for your dog is also safe for you to eat.

While I’m using these recipes moreso as a fabulous treat for my little pooch, this book also has plenty instructions for how to transition your dog from kibble to homemade food permanently.

One thing I love about this book is that all of the foods are both human and dog safe (and they all look delicious).

This book is full of fresh veggies, baked chicken and other treats/snacks that sound hugely appealing for both canine and human consumption.

Homemade is budget friendly…

The recipes aren’t too expensive to make either – though I would recommend setting aside a cooking-day and then portioning out and freezing the rest (don’t worry, your dog isn’t Gordon Ramsey, he won’t mind if his chicken gets frozen).

I had an absolute blast making the video with my dog and as you can tell, he could NOT eat the food fast enough! I’ve never seen him so excited for a meal!

Time to get into the recipes and start cooking!

A huge thank you to Rockridge Press and Callisto Publisher’s club for sending me a free copy for an honest goodreads review!

Interested in this one from Scott Shanahan? Buy it here:  Amazon

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