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The Story of Alexander Hamilton – Christine Platt


★★★★ ½

Those who knew him couldn’t have imagined that the young troublemaker would one day grow up to be one of America’s Founding Fathers…

Alexander Hamilton is one the most famous Americans – he fought (and help win) the Revolutionary war!

He was at the forefront of the founding of America – but he was not always that strong, confident man that history remembers.

Once he was a kid (just like you!).

This lovely little biography tells you all about Alexander’s early life. It goes into the decisions (and adventures) that led him to the person he became – the war hero and founding father!

While many people were happy for Alexander’s success, others were very jealous that Alexander got so much praise.

All in all, I quite liked this book.

I’ve read quite a few Biography Books for New Readers and I always enjoy my time between their pages.

Normally, I seem to gravitate to the biographies about women but I absolutely loved this one.

His adventures were so exciting and the love story was so sweet. I actually learned quite a bit about him and now I really (really) want to check out some more biographies about him.

As always, the illustrations are perfect – truly perfect!

Such a great book, and such a fabulous series!

Interested in this one from Christine Platt? Buy it here:  Amazon

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