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Princesses Behaving Badly – Linda Rodríguez McRobbie



Nevertheless, here are the stories of real princesses and real women.

We all know the stories of Ariel, Belle, Cinderella and Snow White…but their fluffy stories aren’t nearly close to the truth.

What about the Warrior princesses? The Usurpers? The Schemers and the Survivors?

What about their stories?

Glad you asked.

If you have ever been curious about what princesses do when they aren’t batting their eyelashes or fluttering their hands, you have come to the right place.

Learn about real-life
 pirate princesses, mafia princesses, prisoners, punks and rebels of all types.

They may begin once upon a time, but they don’t always end happily ever after.

This was a rather fun book!

I really enjoyed about all of the wild and wondrous princesses out there in the world – and not one of them pulled a sleeping beauty – each princess wanted something out of life and did her best to get it.

It was so much fun to learn about the warriors queens and the strong women of the past (some of which were princessing in the 2000s!).

The only issue I had was that this book covered a lot (and I mean a lot) of princesses.

Towards the end, there was just too many characters and too many scenes and timelines – I started to get lost and some of them were blurring into each others.

Overall – this was an extremely enjoyable book (just a bit muddly at the end).

Interested in this one from Linda Rodríguez McRobbie? Buy it here:  Amazon

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