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Let’s Be Kind – Ekaterina Trukhan (Illustrations), Amy Pixton (Creator)



How can we be kind today?

This short and sweet book focuses on all the manners.

The baby in this book wakes up and spends all day with the family – and helps out with every task.

Let’s share our toys.

Overall, this was a cute, little book.

It is extremely short but the words are really well placed and the illustrations are spot on.

The pictures are simple, bold and effective. The blocky artistic style really communicates the message on each page and provide an endearing look into the baby’s life.

This is a part of the indestructible series – so this book is rip-proof, tear-proof, chewable AND machine washable (never would’ve expected that)!

I think I would’ve preferred a bit more words or plot to this one but considering the age-group, I think this one is fine as-is.

With thanks to Ekaterina Trukhan, Amy Pixton and Workman Publishing Company for sending this one my way!

Interested in this one from Ekaterina Trukhan, & Amy Pixton? Buy it here:  Amazon

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