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The Littlest Bigfoot – Jennifer Weiner



Alice…was pretty sure that her uniqueness would, as usual, be more of a problem than a cause for celebration

Alice Mayfair always said or did the wrong thing.

She doesn’t have a dainty bone in her body. She’ll never make her parents happy.

In seven different schools, over seven entire years, Alice had failed to make even a single friend.

And, unsurprisingly, she is shipped off to her eighth school at age 12…this time it’s Experimental Center for Love & Learning, located in a remote wilderness.

And at first, it isn’t too bad.

Alice shares a little bunk room with two other girls who seem nice (one is a world-class fencer, the other has allergies). She can go running and adventuring near the lake of her new school and things are looking up.

But all that changes when a mean girl joins them, and soon Alice’s moment of happiness is whisked away.

All she wants is one, true friend and it feels like that’ll never happen.

Meanwhile, Millie sits on the opposite of the lake, wishing with all her heart to be able to join the No-Furs.

“We are the forgotten. We are the unseen…We are the Yare, and we survive.”

Millie is a bigfoot…well…technically. She’s a bit little to be a big foot.

Unlike most of her clan, Millie wants to adventure into the outside world.

…Millie was the only one who had such dreams, the only one who wasn’t terrified of humans

A chance encounter between Millie and Alice may just spark the greatest friendship of all time…but there is something sinister afoot.

Jeremy – a kid from a few schools over – just knows that Bigfoots are out there. He wants to find them and prove to everyone that they are real.

A viral photo of Alice catches his attention and soon he sets his sights on her school.

Will the girls find a way out of this mess? Or is everything ruined?

All in all – I really enjoyed this one! 

The plot felt fresh, fun and exciting!

I loved how the author took tired tropes (ie poor little rich girl with no friends) and brought them to new life!

So many times, I’ve seen authors try to twist sympathy for the “poor little rich girl” but this time I actually felt it. Alice’s crippling loneliness and self-doubt made her an extremely relateable character (despite the wealth).

Millie was wonderfully inquisitive and I truly enjoyed watching her adventure over to the No-Fur land.

I also (surprisingly) enjoyed Jeremy’s perspective! I thought I’d be angry that he’s trying to expose Bigfoot but his excitable curiosity made him a lovable main character.

All in all – I really enjoyed my time within these pages – and I cannot wait to read the next one!

Audiobook Comments
Read by Keith Nobbs, Emma Galvin and Jen Ponton – they made a great trio! Fabulously read!!

Interested in this one from Jennifer Weiner? Buy it here:  Amazon

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