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How to Be a Bawse: A Guide to Conquering Life – Lilly Singh



Think of discomfort as currency- it’s the price you pay to learn some pretty crucial things.

Lilly Singh – YouTuber, Late-night Talk-show host and internet personality – has just exploded onto the literary scene with her how-to book.

Ever wonder how Lilly manages it all?

How she got to the top?

How she keeps herself going despite the incredibly high expectations and stress levels?

Wonder no more.


In this book, Lilly dissects her life and talks about what it takes to make it (and stay at) the top.

Don’t give up before you even try.

Overall, I enjoyed this book far more than I expected.

It was smart, sassy and above all, fun.

I really enjoyed Lilly’s tidbits of advice scattered throughout the book.

Words lie; actions can lie too. Consistency speaks the truth.

And it was cool to get the behind-the-scenes look into her wild life.

I was really enjoyed her take on the transition between her “normal” life and her “YouTube” life and her pep-talks throughout.

Nah, you can do better than that. Stop being wacksauce.

She focuses mainly on the successes she’s achieved in the book. She does speak briefly about her life before – including her depression but after a couple of sentences about the lows.

However, there was one thing that threw me out of the book. The telling.

There were several moments where it was so bad that I’d disconnect from the book.

For example, she did this thing in the book where she’d yo-yo from a lonely moment deep into her depression to the highest of highs (everyone applauding, her coming out triumphant, fanfare).

Emotional whiplash.

I think it was (in part) the lack of content and context.

I wanted to connect with her (i.e. what was happening in your life? Why are you feeling so bad? What happened after).

I suppose she doesn’t “owe” the audience those deeply private moments… but if you are comfortable enough to put it in your book, I think you should be ok with actually explaining and providing context.

Without, it ended up being a distraction (ie rapid fire – oh she’s sad, oh she’s bragging about her success) rather than enhancing the novel.

But other than that, this was a really well done how-to book and the tone (and inflection) from the audiobook was really, truly perfect!

Interested in this one from Lilly Singh? Buy it here:  Amazon

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