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The Very Short, Entirely True History of Unicorns – Sarah Laskow & Sam Beck (illustrator)


They didn’t use the word unicorn, but still, these writers all thought they were talking about the same one-horned animal.

I will admit it. I am a unicorn fanatic and my-gosh…when I found out they weren’t real…whew…that was a tough blow.

Despite that soul-crushing moment, I still love the unicorn. They are just the right dose of miracle and magic (with a dash of mayhem).

I’ve always been curious about them….and when I saw this book, I really, truly couldn’t resist.

As European travelers journeyed farther from home, they reported the existence of unicorns in all places around the world.

Within these 94 pages, we get to learn the short (and entirely true) history of this mythical animal.

…they always had secondhand information. None of them had actually seen a unicorn.

We learn where the legend starts and how it spread, and eventually became so prevalent that even kings and queens demanded unicorn horns for thrones and poison prevention.

We discover unicorns across the world and a few “real life” ones as well.

All in all, I rather enjoyed this book.

It was fun and exciting and definitely not what I expected.

My greatest “issue” with this one is that it isn’t long enough.

It clearly isn’t completely a children’s book (given the text and the content (i.e. unicorns aren’t real) but it also isn’t adult (considering the length and the simplistic view).

I wish this book was more geared towards middle-grade students – so we can have those longer passages and still get those sweet illustrations.

But overall, I really did enjoy this book. It was short, sweet and a little sassy. The illustrations were amazing and I am so happy to have bought it!

Interested in this one from Sarah Laskow? Buy it here:  Amazon

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