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101 Amazing Uses for Aloe Vera – Susan Branson



The popularity of aloe rose through the centuries and is still a sought-after commodity today.

Maybe you use aloe on sun burns?

Or perhaps you have some fancy aloe-infused lotion?

Or you heard about aloe being able to remove oil stains from clothes?

…the reputation of this plant continues to rise as more scientific studies supporting its positive effects on a multitude of health conditions are published.

Let’s just say there’s 101 uses for aloe…and all of them are in this book.

This little book focuses on aloe vera’s use in health, wellness, beauty, plants and home. From treating high cholesterol to preventing acne – this humble plant can do it all.

Along with each declaration of aloe’s potential use comes a one or more citations and a short (2-3 paragraph) description.

I quite appreciated how well-researched this book was – there were SO many studies cited and facts properly discussed.

Also, it was fun to learn some of the more obscure uses for aloe and how it was prepared for those situations.

Whole leaves were dried and ground into powder.

And I quite enjoyed the activities and recipes included in this book (aloe lemonade, anyone?).

All in all, this was a fun, short book with plenty of information about quite a curious plant.

Interested in this one from Susan Branson? Buy it here:  Amazon

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