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An Anthology of Intriguing Animals -Ben Hoare, Daniel Long (illustrator), Angela Rizza (illustrator), & Daniela Terrazzini (illustrator)



Ever want to know….more?

More about the sea creatures, the land animals, the flying birds and the tiny bugs?

Some humpbacks will blow a bubble ring around a shoal of fish, herding them together so the whale can eat them in one mouthful.

Well look no farther, because this book is the right one for you!

I absolutely loved all of the unique facts and exciting blurbs about the animals.

It’s so incredibly fun (even for me, as an adult!) to learn about the animals that inhabit our earth.

A tiny lantern shark could fit in an adult’s hand and can glow in the dark, while a whale shark is as large as a truck, but eats nothing bigger than a shrimp.

And that’s not to mention the GORGEOUS illustrations.

I really, truly believe that the illustrations of a book is a HUGE make-or-break moment. And this makes it. It makes it perfect.

Angela Rizza and Daniela Terrazzini do an absolutely amazing job with this book.

Every time I turned the page, I was stunned – absolutely stunned – by the beautiful images and photographs decorating it.

In the cool of the night, hippos leave the water to munch grass, moving around like herds of giant lawn mowers.

This is quite possibly one of the most perfect books ever.

Though, if I could provide a suggestion – I would LOVE to see one of these for every continent. I would love to see an Animals of North America or Animals of Africa book. It truly would be amazing.

Interested in this one from Ben Hoare, Daniel Long, Angela Rizza,  and Daniela Terrazzini? Buy it here:  Amazon

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