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Florence and Her Fantastic Family Tree -Judy Gilliam, Laura Addari

Annnd here’s the second episode of Some Good News – BookTube Special Edition – this time featuring an interview with the great Judy Gilliam!

A huge thank you to her and all of the other contributors!



She said, “Just create a family tree.” Like that was easy.

Florence’s teacher assigns a classic “family tree” homework for the kids and Florence…is ready for that challenge.

Her family tree isn’t a classic one with two parents, a sibling and a dog.

“You see, I don’t have a neat little family. I have extras.

And so, Florence takes pen to paper and begins making her tree.

Her teacher and classmates better be ready – and have a full wall ready for its display!

Wow. I adored this book!

I absolutely love Florence and her fantastic family tree – such a cute storyline!

Watching the family unravel was a lot of fun and I quite enjoyed figuring out how everyone related in this book.

I loved how inclusive Florence’s big family was and how she was such an intrepid little girl with this school project.

The illustrations were top-notch and really elevated this book up to 5 stars.

A huge thank you to Familius Publishing, Judy Gilliam and Laura Addari for sending me a free copy in exchange for an honest review.

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