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Urban Gardening for Beginners – Marc Thoma



Anyone can create an urban garden, even if you have a small patio, deck or balcony.

So, growing up we’ve always had a garden in the backyard…but it was dad’s domain.

Aka, my sister and I “helped” with planting and harvesting, but all of those moments in between? We totally skipped out.

So, now that I have my own house with a garden (and gang of indoor plants), I want to do right and get things growing.

But last year? A disaster. I did simultaneously too much and far too little.

So, when I saw that this gem was available for review – I snapped it right up.

If you’ve never picked up a trowel before, have no fear. This book is written with you, the beginner, in mind!

This book walks you through the basic of basics (which I love, because I hate it when beginner books make knowledge assumptions).

It talks about through both indoor and outdoor gardening facts (aka the “what to know before you grow“), which I greatly appreciated.

This book also has a series of indoor and outdoor projects – from making a raised garden bed to making a hanging herb garden (which TOTALLY has me inspired!)

I’d loved the attitude. the author has towards gardening:

Indoor gardens do not have the benefit of bees, ladybugs, and wind to pollinate flowers of fruit-bearing vegetables. You have to act like a bee (costume optional) and hand-pollinate the flowers.

And I’m so excited to begin applying this to my own garden.

All in all – I adored this book and I’ve decided to start an indoor herb garden. (I’m so psyched!!).

A Huge thank you to Rockridge Press, Callisto Publisher’s Club and Marc Thoma for sending me a free copy in exchange for an honest review.

Interested in this one from Marc Thoma? Buy it here:  Amazon

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