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Looking Glass – Christina Henry


★★★★ ½

This is a series of four short stories in the Chronicles of Alice series by Christina Henry. I haven’t read the main series but wow did I enjoy these short stories! They were fun, fresh and exciting.

Lovely Creature

She didn’t want to be troubled with worries over a ghost sister…She wanted to pretend that all the uncomfortable knowledge she’d gained today was just some silly fancy…

Elizabeth Violet Hargreaves is having a horrible day. There’s voices in her head, magic is flowing through her fingertips and the world has suddenly become far more dangerous. Life looks bleak but she’s bound and determined to fight her way through.

This one was a good introduction to this world and the magic system. I was really intrigued by this world and Elizabeth was an interesting main character.

Girl in Amber

Alice stared at him. “You’re mad.”
“Well, yes, I am.”

Alice and Hatcher are on the run. One terrible storm and Alice becomes trapped…by a thing. A creature. She’ll have to dive deep into her magician powers to escape – but what if she doesn’t have it in her?

Oh my gosh. I think I’ve just fallen in love with Alice and Hatcher. I absolutely HAVE to read the main series now!!

When I First Came to Town

I can’t forget. Maybe I shouldn’t. Maybe I don’t deserve to.

This one follow’s Hatcher’s origins and a bit of how he came to be. His life is rough, to put it mildly and each decision seems to bring him more misfortune. Is he doomed forever or is there salvation on the horizon?

This one really cemented Hatcher as one of my favorite characters – I really felt for him and I was so happy to get to the next story.

The Mercy Seat

“There is danger ahead for you. I can feel it.”

Hatcher and Alice have found a town – one that is besieged by the righteous and promises nothing but problems for the two of them. But traveling through is unavoidable – and the troubles associated with it as well.

I really liked the adventure of this one. I kind of predicted where it was going but I really enjoyed the journey!

With thanks to the author and the publisher for a free copy in exchange for an honest review

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