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Song of the Wanderer – Bruce Coville



But there’s no peace in wandering,

The road’s not made for rest.

Cara’s grandmother is still trapped on earth and only she can save her…but to get to grandma, Cara is going to have to travel through Luster (the land of unicorns).

This journey is not going to be easy 
– danger, whether it be the harsh environment or roaming dragons, lurks around every corner.

Yes, the world was meant for knowing,
And feet were meant to roam,

Will Cara make it in time? Will she make it at all?

This series was one of my ABSOLUTE favorites as a child – I read the first two books over and over and over.

Rereading it as an adult, I definitely feel a heady dose of nostalgia…and a slight tint of regret.

I remember this series being perfect
 in every way, shape and form. But rereading it (or technically, re-listening to it)….it just didn’t have the same all-consuming brilliance that I remember.

I think this is (in part) because it’s a full-cast audio and I’m not a fan of all the voices (Cara’s is particularly grating to me, as is the little furry companion she has (and I remember absolutely loving him).

But, overall, I did enjoy myself with this reread.

I still love the unicorns and the magnificence of Luster. Cannot wait for book 3!

Gadfangled girl things, always robbed me of my common sense.

Interested in this one from Bruce Coville? Buy it here:  Amazon

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