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Herb Magic – Patti Wigington



Herb magic, also known as magical herbalism, is one of the oldest known forms of sympathetic magic, found in forklore all over the world.

This absolutely gorgeous little handbook focuses all about the various herbs and their impacts in history (and on the modern world).

The book begins by going into what Magical Herbalism is – the principles of herb magic, some information about how they’re magical and how to practice magic using them.

I loved the little notes from the author scattered in throughout.

…no matter what your religious beliefs may be, you can practice magical herbalism. Herbs don’t care which god or goddess – if any – you honor.

From there, the book lists forty magical herbs (from Allspice to Tarrow) and their histories.

If the herb has particularly beneficial or harmful properties, it was also included as well.

I absolutely LOVED the illustrations accompanying the herbs – I almost want to pick up a second copy to take apart and frame in my kitchen.

After all of the herbs were described and drawn, the book goes into some spells and rituals that use them.. There’s a focus on protection, love, healing, wealth and divination.

I was fascinated by the various spells and…the sneaky ones also made me smile.

You may prefer magic that doesn’t scream, Look at me, I’m doing spells, at the family or next-door neighbors. If that’s the case, home decor crafts are your best friend!

All in all, I absolutely ADORED this one! I love obscure facts and detailed looks into the odd and mundane – and this one checked all the boxes.

I can’t wait to start a herb garden and have some of the more decorative “spells” on display.

A huge thank you to Rockridge Press, Callisto Publisher’s Club and Patti Wigington for sending a free copy in exchange for an honest review.

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