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The Sigil: A Novel – Shakeil Kanish & Larissa Mandeville



I must have missed something. Something important.

Lake Smithson had a charmed life. The keyword being “had”.

Everything changed with a robber killed his brother, plunging him into an increasingly uncertain world.

Magic. He said magic. Holy crap. I’m Harry Potter.

Lake finds himself involved with Breywood Academy – a secret school where people who can manipulate faeri energy learn.

Lake’s brother, Devlin, was supposed to go but delayed year after year to spend time with their family.

Meanwhile Nova Rathers belongs to the other world – the world full of faeri magic – and while she’s often treated as lesser, she’s bound and determined to find her way.

But then, Lake comes barreling into her world – with wild eyes and even wilder stories.

Creatures of faeri are slipping into the gida (human) world with increasing frequency.

It’s up to Lake, Nova and their rag-tag group of friends to save the world…or die trying.

The world turns to chaos as I sink into darkness.

Omg. This was awesome!! Easily top 10 books sent to me from authors this year.

I enjoyed how real these characters felt – Lake was absolutely perfect and I’m dying to see what book 2 will do with his character.

I loved, loved, loved Knox and his demon companion – he was such a sweetie and completely stole the show for me. I know his situation seemed bleak but gosh-dang I’m crossing my fingers – he’s just so good of a character.

Nova was…a bit strong… at the beginning but she grew on me and the secondary characters really lifted the story.

I adored the idea of Breywood Academy – a secret school for those who can manipulate faeri energy – and it was so fun to sit in on the classes and the adventures that the characters got into.

The world building felt really strong in this book and I was so fully submerged in it.

All in all, this book was FABULOUS. I’m so happy to have read it and I can’t wait for the next book!

Thank you to the author for sending me a free copy in exchange for an honest review.

Interested in this one from Shakeil Kanish and Larissa Mandeville? Buy it here:  Amazon

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