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Thunderhead – Neal Shusterman



Death must exist for life to have meaning.

The Scythedom is still reeling.

In a stunning change of events, both Citra (now scythe Anastasia) and Rowan survived the trial by death…but unfortunately, it was not a cause of celebration.

In response, Rowan has taken up the mantle of Scythe Lucifer – and he has gone completely rogue. Any scythe that has abused his or her power is subject to his judgement.

Citra, a junior scythe, is under Scythe Curie’s wing – where she learns compassion and kindness for those who she gleans.

But there is something nefarious afoot. Something so terrible that even the Thunderhead has to get involved.

The Thunderhead – (think Alexa but intelligent and everywhere) is expressly forbidden from interfering with the scythedom thanks to its programming.

But as the stakes rise and humanity faces its first, true danger in decades…the Thunderhead decides that it needs to do a bit of…interfering…with the world. For the good of it, of course.


Just. Damn.

Anyone else feel their heart literally just fall out of their chest when that ending came around?

Anyway, this one was pretty dang good.

loved the pacing and the way the mystery unfolded before my eyes. It was absolutely stunning and incredibly gripping.

The Thunderhead is my new favorite character – I love its trickery and kind-heartedness.

Ahh. I just…I just can’t continue with this review. I NEED to move on to the third!

Interested in this one from Neal Shusterman? Buy it here:  Amazon

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