A Little Bit of Grace – Phoebe Fox


★★★ ½

I deserved better, Brian told me, tears I’d never seen before streaming down his face. I deserved someone who was crazy about me

Grace has hit a crossroads.

Her beloved mother just passed, her father hasn’t been seen with years and her finalized divorce is taking a toll.

“Why was I always so content to bob along on the path of least resistance?”

When her ex-husband moves in his pregnant girlfriend (fertility is a sore spot) next door, Grace decides it is TIME for a change.

She finds out about the existence of a long-lost aunt and on impulse buys a ticket to Florida to join her (to escape having to watch her ex-husband move in his pregnant new girlfriend next door).

Once there, Grace learns that her Aunt Millie (81 and going strong) is an internet love guru (helping older (and younger) couples find their happily ever after…and has chosen Grace to be her latest victim.

You deserve so much more than what you’re asking for, my dear. You deserve someone who really sees you – just as you are – and thinks that person is simply marvelous.

One whirlwind makeover later, Grace is left spinning…and feeling more like herself than ever before.

But the longer she stay, the more she begins to wonder – what led to Millie’s estrangement?

Why does no one in her family talk about her?

And what will happen to this “new” Grace once she’s forced back to her hometown?

Overall thoughts – this one was quite the fun read.

Millie was a lovely side character and honestly stole the show. I loved her eclectic van and her never-ending parading of clients.

Grace felt a little too stiff but by the end of it, I was quite pleased with the way she loosened up.

I do feel like this book felt a bit safe. Not enough real tension or danger.

It had a lot of potential to really go for the emotions (Grace being barren, Millie’s family situation) but ultimately it stayed moreso to the cheery aspects without delving into the hardship.

All in all though, it was a fun, quick read.

With thanks to Netgalley, Berkley Publishing and Phoebe Fox for sending me a free ebook in exchange for an honest review

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One thought on “A Little Bit of Grace – Phoebe Fox

  1. It is funny actually, that we read books for escape purposes – sometimes – and yet want to find tension in the story. But the magic of books is the tension gets solved and mostly everything gets better in the end. 😅


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