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Snoozapalooza by Kimberlee Gard, Vivian Mineker



A cold wind blows, and snow starts to fall,
Mouse hides in a den that’s cozy and small.

Winter is right around the corner and all the hibernating animals are dropping off to sleep.

One little mouse is the first one to go to bed.

He dozes and dreams, tucked out of sight,
A snoozapalooza all day and all night.

And from there more and more animals fall asleep.

This is a super sweet and super sleepy counting book where the animals of the forest all hibernate together.

I absolutely adored the plot line – it was super cute – with all of the animals joining one by one for a wintertime snooze.

The illustrations truly made this book above-and-beyond for me.

The color pallet was perfect. The animals were adorably round and expressive. The pictures work so well with the overall concept!

This one was a huge success for me and definitely think it’s going to be a hit!

A huge thank you to Familius Publishing, Kimberlee Gard and Vivian Mineker for sending me a free copy in exchange for an honest review!

Interested in this one from Kimberlee Gard and  Vivian Mineker? Buy it here:  Amazon

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