I Was Told It Would Get Easier – Abbi Waxman



“Beauty always fades, but it lasts so much longer if you lay a thick layer of intelligence and integrity underneath it.”

Jessica is a one-woman powerhouse. Lawyer and mother, she’s thought she’s seen it all…but nothing and I mean nothing could have prepared her for this.

Not the courtrooms, nor the late nights could have ever gotten her ready for a teenager.

They love to criticize us for being on our phones, despite the fact that their generation created the phones, marketed the phones, and are profiting from the phones.

But all that’s going to change on Jessica (and Emily’s) college-tour-roadtrip.

There will be fights.

It’s what you do with it that matters! It’s all the goddamn same!!

There will be mayhem.

Regret is one of those emotions that outpunches reality: Even if you 100 percent could not have done things differently, it still pops up and takes a jab.

It’s the world’s most wonderful and most terrible job, and if you do it well enough, you get fired.Oh man. This was a wonderful little book.

It took me back to those times where my teenage self was coming to terms with adulthood.

How I simultaneously needed my mom for every aspect and needed a continent’s worth of space between.

I loved the way the book developed and how the mother and daughter’s relationship changed.

Such a truly unforgettable book!

Interested in this one from Abbi Waxman? Buy it here:  Amazon

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