Nita’s Day – Kathy MacMillan & Sara Brezzi



Good morning, Nita! Time to wake up!

WAKE UP, signs Nita.

This sweet little board book follows a day in the life of little Nita.

From the moment she wakes up to being tucked in by mom and dad, Nita is on the go, go, go!

However, Nita is so young that she cannot talk yet. So, how will she tell her parents that she needs a change? Or wants to play? Or is hungry?

The answer is – she can use sign language!

Time for breakfast!

EAT, signs Nita.

This book was so cute!

Every activity that Nita signs is accompanied by a little pull-out section of the board book that explains how to sign it.

This book really has all of the essential signs (from waking up to taking a bath to reading a book with her mom and dad) and it was adorable to little Nita “teach” me how to do them as well.

I remember when my sister was a baby that my mom taught her sign language. Even though she couldn’t speak yet, we always knew when she needed a bottle or to be held. It was so useful!

I also loved the illustrations for this book. They were so well-done and truly lifted the book to another level!

All in all, this book is fabulous!

A huge thank you to Familius, Kathy Macmillan and Sara Brezzi for sending this one my way!

Interested in this one from Kathy MacMillan and Sara Brezzi (illustrations)? Buy it here:  Amazon

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